PhotoPlus Expo 2019 with my Nikon Ambassador Family

PhotoPlus Expo is a wrap! The biggest photography tradeshow in the US has closed, and as I'm reflecting on an amazing week, I'm left profoundly thankful. It's always a real honor to spend time with the Nikon USA family, from all the other Nikon USA ambassadors to the Nikon employees who give us the tools to do our best work. 

This week was full of so many highlights, but the top moment for me was easily being called on stage to join my friend Mike Corrado with the legendary Baron Wolman. It was amazing enough to stand on the same stage as one of THE pioneers of rock photography, but for what came next exceeded all expectations. I'm pretty sure that you can see my soul leave my body at 6:08:09…

In my line of work, I don't really get starstruck, but it was really an emotional moment for me to meet and spend time with Baron “backstage” at this show. To experience that he's just as generous and kind in person as his images are inspiring — well, that was such a pleasure to experience firsthand.

At the show, the Nikon Z Mirrorless system was on full display, with a ton of interest in the new Nikon Z 50, which is coming in at a sub-$1000 price tag. It's exciting to think that this new camera is so much more accessible in terms of price. It's always a good thing when amazing technology hits a price point that more people can afford. I recall my switch to digital with the Nikon D70 in 2004, as this camera marked the first sub-$1000 DSLR from Nikon.

In addition, it was pretty cool to get a hands on with the brand new Nikon 58mm f/0.95 Noct Nikkor. This is an ultra-fast lens and a real beast, both in size and performance. The depth of field is razor thin at f/0.95, but it's also wickedly sharp at maximum aperture. The second image here is a sample from the lens, shot wide open.

Beyond the gear, the Nikon Theater lineup this year was absolutely stacked with talent. That should be no surprise, but nonetheless it was a real treat to listen to so many Nikon Ambassadors and other talented photographers share their passion with the crowds that attended the Nikon booth. Regardless of what camera brand you use, I would urge you to stop by and listen to any of the presentations put on by Nikon at PPE, WPPI, CES, and all the other tradeshows that Nikon attends. It was really a humbling honor to share a stage with everyone else who presented.

To give you an idea of what it's like to attend PhotoPlus, here are a few images I snapped at the show:

And of course what would a PhotoPlus Expo 2019 be without a photo with one of the star's of the show, the Nikon Noct Nikkor! Thanks to my friend Charmi Peña for this full-on nerd moment with this beautiful hunk of glass.