How to Become a Concert Photographer

There's no “school of rock photography” and there are certainly no secrets in this business. I'm a music photographer who has lived and breathed concert photography since I photographed my first concert in 2006. As proud as I am of the images I have made, I'm also very grateful to have the opportunity to share everything that I've learned as a professional music photographer.

I started this site in 2007 and have written over a thousand posts about music photography, from gear reviews to tutorials and how-to articles on how to photograph live music. Here's a collection of some of the articles I feel would be most helpful to anyone looking to get on the path to becoming a rock photographer. 

Concert Photography Essentials

How to Get Started in Photographing Concerts

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Camera Settings

5 Tips for Better Focus in Low Light

Camera Settings for Concert Photography

AF Settings For Live Music Photography

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Metering & Exposure for Concert Photography, Part 2

Photography Gear

Music Photography Gear Guide

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General Advice

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