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As I mentioned several weeks ago in the post “Thank You For Supporting www.ishootshows.com,” I've recently had the nice problem of having way too much traffic to this little website. Apparently, you all seem to like music photography.

After continuing issues of excessive resource usage with my previous web host of 5 years, I've decided to move ishootshows.com to Rackspace and their Cloud Hosting. 

For me, this is a special kind of milestone. As I've mentioned before, I when I started this site back in 2007, it was just a way of sharing my concert photography and experiences as a music photographer. The fact that the readership of this site has grown to warrant the robust level of hosting and service that Rackspace provides is more than a nice affirmation that this site resonates with some of you out there.

Thanks for reading and for melting down the shared servers of my previous host.

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With this new server move comes hosting costs about 20x more expensive than most standard web hosting. If this site has been as helpful to you and your photography, read more about how you can help support this site.

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Simply clicking through any product links on this site or the above affiliates pays for web hosting and helps me bring you free content like the photography tips and gear reviews regularly posted on www.ishootshows.com. Naturally it doesn't cost you a cent more. If you do grab some gear, drop me a line! I’d love to hear about what you picked up.

If you want to donate directly and keep me stocked in tea, you can contribute money to www.ishootshows.com via PayPal.