Portraits: The Devil Wears Prada

Portraits: The Devil Wears Prada,

Two weeks out on their “Back To The Roots” tour, I caught up with metalcore heavyweights The Devil Wears Prada for a quick portrait session. With sweltering heat outside, we decided to stay cool and shoot indoors doors as much as possible.

For the first look, we used a five-light setup, cranked up the stage lights, and got to work.

Portraits: The Devil Wears Prada,

Portraits: The Devil Wears Prada,

Portraits: The Devil Wears Prada,

Portraits: The Devil Wears Prada,

Photographer's Notes:

Six-piece bands are always a little tough to photograph – much more, I find, than “just” a five-piece group. And for a 10-minute shoot like this, there's a nice challenge to bang it out.

I'd caught up with The Devil Wears Prada previously on their support for Killswitch Engage for a portrait session before their live performance, and it was great to see the guys again.

We did two looks with TWDP, with an indoor spot in front of the stage and an semi-outdoor spot in a patio area adjacent to the venue.

The first indoor shoot was a five-light setup. I shot with three Nikon SB-900 speedlights, with the keylight shot though my DIY beauty dish. For accent lighting, I had two Nikon SB-900s on either side shot into two 46″ Photek reflective umbrellas for nice, soft accents (dialed up in the second and third images). Behind the group, I placed two Nikon SB-600s at the edge of the stage for backlighting to provide a bit of separation and pop. Lastly, I had the house turn up the stage lights to get a little bit of atmosphere in the room.

With a 100º+ heat index with something like 80% humidity, I was looking to get the outside location done as quickly as possible to keep the guys comfortable. We set up a very quick and light setup, again using the Chinatown Special beauty dish as the key light, with just a touch of fill from an umbrella positioned camera right. We clocked in at about 3-minutes from the first shot outside to the last.

Camera Gear Used:

Lighting Gear Used:

End Notes:

Big thanks to Heidi, Julie, Robert, and of course the guys of TDWP. Thanks to my assistants David and Allyssa as always.

Photos of metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada performing live at  the Pageant in St. Louis in support of Killswitch Engage. (TODD  OWYOUNG)

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