Portraits: Everest

Portraits: Everest on tour with Minus The Bear

Before their show at the Firebird, I caught up with L.A.-based Everest, who gracefully endured rampant humidity for a portrait shoot. Having toured with the likes of Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, and Wilco, I was looking forward to meeting up with the guys and shooting with an approach that would compliment the band's Americana-infused rock.

Everest's video for “Let Go”:

Photographer's Notes:

We took a short walk from the venue to a side street for the photoshoot, using a quick lighting set up of your favorite DIY beauty dish as a key light with ambient doing the rest.  In this shot, the flash lighting effect is very subtle, with the beauty dish positioned high camera right to provide just a bit more snap and contrast to the band than would have been possible with just ambient light.

I shot this portrait with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, and the lens did a beautiful job with the rendering of light from the Nikon SB-900 that was shot through the beauty dish. Rather than use Nikon CLS to trigger the speedlight or radio triggers, I used a Nikon SC-28 sync cord to trigger the flash.

Photo Gear Used:

End Notes:

Big thanks to all the guys in Everest and to Juliana for setting this up. If you're in NYC, Everest were just tapped to open for My Morning Jacket's five-day run at Terminal 5, so you can catch them there.