Shooting for the Nikon Z 6II & Z 7II Launch Campaign

Recently, I had the pleasure of working on a small part of the launch campaign of the Nikon Z 6II and Nikon Z 7II. My assignment was to create lifestyle images of the new Nikon's mirrorless cameras in use.

The brief was quite broad with a lot left open to creative freedom, which was amazingly fun — simply showing the cameras in use was the objective, other than that, it was wide open.

The intent of this project was to show the new generation of mirrorless cameras in use, so we set about photographing in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

With the launch of the Nikon Z 6II and Nikon Z 7II, it's been a lot of fun to see the images in use. Here's one from the Z 6II product page.

It's always a real pleasure to work on a campaign for a brand you love, and this is certainly true for any work I do with Nikon USA. It means a tremendous amount to me to be trusted with creating images to express a client's vision, particularly one that I have such a close relationship with as a Nikon Ambassador.

Big thank you to to the Nikon USA for involving me to play a small part of the massive launch for these new cameras. I'm really left blown away and in awe of the work so many friends and talented photographers produced for the campaigns for this next generation of mirrorless cameras.

As a music photographer, with concerts and events pretty much shut down for the foreseeable future, it was an amazing opportunity to do work in something that's completely unrelated to my chosen speciality. Very thankful to be a part of this project.