2018 Nikon Speedlights Campaign

It's always hard to keep a secret — especially when those secrets are really exciting photography projects.

As we all know, sometimes it can be hard to keep a secret. For photographers, if we're lucky, those secrets are campaigns that we have had the privilege  of working on, but which haven't quite been released by the client.

It's really exciting to share that Nikon USA has unveiled a new microsite for their Speedlights. The site includes a video that features me using Nikon Speedlights, as well as sample images from the shoot and lighting diagrams showing how we made the images. The site also includes new photography by the likes of Joe McNally, Dave Black, and Dave Tejada — guys who I've looked up to in the photography world and who are known for their use of lighting and off-camera flash — which makes this project even more special to be a part of.

You can see the video at the top of the page:

In addition, the photos are used for a brand new brochure for Nikon Speedlights. It was really a thrill to get a stack of these from Nikon and see the images printed on thick, glossy paper.

The brochure includes lighting diagrams for many of the setups we shot, which really simply break down the lighting setups.

Early on when I was shooting music, I can recall doing so many quick shoots with bands and artists backstage before a show. Often, I'd just have a few minutes with the talent, so having everything setup and working flawless was really essential, and using Nikon Speedlights was a huge part of being able to quickly setup lighting and make adjustments on the fly.

Big thank you to the Nikon USA team in Melville, NY for trusting me to be part of this campaign, and shout out to director Roy Dahl and his team for making me look good in front of the camera.

Check out the new Speedlights video and download the brochure for details on the lighting setups above on NikonUSA.com.