Nikon D300 preview posted on

DPR has posted their hands-on preview of the D300. The write-up covers the physical handing of the camera, as well as menus and displays. The evaluations of the image quality will have to wait until the full review.

While the D300 has been overshadowed by the sensor and high ISO specs of the Nikon D3, the flagship's little brother still packs an impressive feature set. With some sources claiming up to a 1.5-stop increase in dynamic range over the D200, as well as improved high ISO performance, the D300 may be a nice concert-camera in the making. While it won't match or beat the FX sensor of the D3 for high ISO, the 12mp D300 still may be a highly functional camera for low light.

Sharing the same CAM 3500 AF system as the flagship D3 and boasting a slew of new features, the D300 trumps D200 in essentially all ways and even challenges the current D2X in many ways. While the D3 has stolen the spotlight of the recent announcements, I'll be very interested in how the D300 performs.