Nikon D3: New Low-ISO Samples

Again from Berlin's IFA, Vedran (aka griverep19) has sent me a few more samples from a pre-production Nikon D3. Braving the wrath of Nikon reps at IFA, Vedran came away with a few dozen images on his own CF card and has supplied some of the first full-resolution high-ISO images from Nikon's new flagship, as well some low ISO shots that have created some controversy.

Now coming to you from IFA are a pair of images at the D3's lower sensitivities, base-sensitivity ISO 200 as well as ISO 400.

In addition, perhaps more interesting than the image quality – which, is from a pre-production camera anyway – is a real-world look at Nikon's trio of new telephoto lenses. The newly announced lenses include:

400mm f/2.8 ED VR AF-S
500mm f/4 ED VR AF-S
600mm f/4 ED VR AF-S

In addition to the usual alphabet soup of the specifications, these lenses feature Nikon's Nano Coating for enhanced anti-reflective performance. These three lenses answer many calls for Nikon to update their super-telephoto lenses to include Vibration Reduction (VR), though whether these lenses will Nikon attract sports and wildlife shooters an open question. You can read the press release on the new lenses here.