JPG Mag: Issue 11’s Rock Feature

Issue 11 of JPG Magazine is now out and you can pick it up or view the images online. The issue features a selection of  concert photography titled, “Are You Ready to Rock,” to which I submitted this shot of the Sounds' frontwoman Maja Ivarsson:

maja ivarsson

For those unfamiliar with JPG, it's a magazine that gets all of its content from online submissions. Users can upload images for various themes up for publication in each issue, and also vote on images they like.

The above image was shot last November in NYC, when the Sounds played the city's Webster Hall. It was shot during one of the Swedish bands slower numbers, while Maja had time for a cigarette. While the front-lighting of the venue is horrendous, there was quite a bit of good backlighting towards the end of the performance, when this image was made.

While it didn't make it into publication, you can check out the submissions that did: