Combining AutoViewer and WordPress

I've added a small portfolio to the static pages, which ended up being a slight challenge since WordPress does not get along with Flash apps as easily as it should. Of course, the image gallery app I wanted to use, AutoViewer by Felix Turner at, is a slick, Flash-based slideshow, so a workaround was in order.


After unsuccessfully trying Kimili Flash Embed and other methods for inserting the viewer.swf into a page, I ended up using an iframe to display original index.html file for the slideshow.

Here's the basic code I used:

<iframe src=”your_index_html_url” frameborder=”0″ height=”x” width=”100%”></iframe>

In order to embed the SWF this way, you'll need to set up AutoViewer as you normally would, creating the necessary database, and then place it somewhere on your server.

After that, you can plug in the URL of the AutoViewer's index.html into the above iframe code. The height parameter should be just large enough to display your tallest image, while the width will probably fine set to 100%.

The benefit of this solution is not having to recode any portion of AutoViewer or mess with the database, which seemed like the biggest issue with some of the other methods.

For my implementation of Autoviewer, I've also placed the portfolio on a page whose template has no sidebar, so I get the maximum width available to the SWF in the WordPress theme.

The portoflio is a set of images shot from early-2006 to the present. All featured images were shot with a Nikon D2X and various Nikon lenses, though a shot or two with a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 might have snuck in. Check it out here or in the persistant navigation above.