Graph Paper Press Coupon – 25% Off

I use two different platforms to power  PhotoShelter and WordPress. As you may know, PhotoShelter is the phenomenal service that I use for all my image delivery, online management, sales, licensing and online archiving, WordPress powers the blog portion of this site.

The WordPress template or “theme” I use is called Modularity, and Modularity was designed by the fine folks at Graph Paper Press, who specialize in making WordPress themes for visual artists.

Needless to say, I love Graph Paper Press, and I want you guys to love them, too. Here's a special 25% off coupon for Graph Paper Press's annual subscriptions, on me.

About GPP:

First off, if you're unfamiliar to GPP, head over and read this post on why they make the best WordPress themes for creatives and about all the benefits of their subscriptions (including fantastic customer support):

Graph Paper Press – The Best WordPress Themes For Photographers

Graph Paper Press Coupon for 25% Off:


This coupon is good on all Annual subscriptions. While it doesn't work on the $49 Quarterly subscription level, it does make the normally $99 Annual subscription only $25 more for four times the subscription time.

So even if you just want to grab a theme for a one-time installation, you still get access to GPP's excellent support forums and constant theme updates for a full year instead of only three months.

If you're going to be customizing your WordPress theme (and why wouldn't you?), this extra support time is especially handy, I assure you!

How to Use This Coupon

1) Go to GraphPaperPress. 

2) Click on the “Sign Me Up!” button.

3) Select the Annual plan.

4) Proceed to the Checkout Page.

5) Enter the code 4E7AAA3F34 for 25% off. 

6) Sit back, download one or all of the best WordPress themes available, and pat yourself on the back.

Now go use this coupon and save $25 on some awesome stuff:

Graph Paper Press photo and video themes for WordPress