Creative Live Music Photography Workshop — Pre-sale Open

In July, I had the amazing experience of filming a workshop with Creative Live and Red Bull Photography on music photography. Today, we are exactly a week away from the premiere of the class, which is titled Getting Started in Music Photography. We filmed this class over four days in Seattle and packed a TON of content into this class.

This is a workshop that features insight for music photographers of any level, but is especially gear toward those who starting their journey in music photography, whether it's shooting your first shows or striving to get to the next level. 

The pre-sale for this class is now open, so this is one of the lowest prices you'll see for this class. After pre-sale closes, the price goes up about 25%. If you want to learn the tips and techniques I use to shoot band portraits and live music, or know someone who wants to dive into music photography, I hope you'll check it out and spread the word.

You can register to watch the class live during its premiere on September 16, 2019 as well at 9am PST:

Getting Started in Music Photography

I hope you'll click through and watch the trailer, which came out so well I am ridiculously excited for the full class to drop. Watch the trailer for yourself, but here are some frames from the trailer that give a sense of it!

For me, watching the trailer for this course is so surreal. We filmed over four days and everyone on the team put so much work into this project. Seeing the trailer for the first time has me even more excited for the finished product.

Again, I hope you'll check out this class and share it if you know of anyone who you feel would benefit from it!

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