Concert Photography Q & A

Concert Photography Q&A

I'm pleased to announce a new feature here at the concert photography Q & A. If you have questions about anything in the realm of concert photography, now's your chance.

Since I started this site a year and a half ago, I've had a tremendous response, not the least of which has emails from curious and enthusiastic photographers. Now, I'd like to open up the knowledge banks for everyone, both to read and also to contribute.

The new Q & A feature will be a regular series of posts in which I will answer questions submitted about concerts, photography, and anything in between.

It's not me, it's you.

Better yet, the Q & A series is also an invitation for all the experienced shooters out there to chime in on the topics that come up. In fact, there may be times when I simply post a question from a reader and open it up for any commenter to answer.

Got a question? I double-dog dare you.

Technique, etiquette, gear, post-processing, logistics – it's all fair game. I'm excited about this new set of posts, and hope you'll all participate in the discussions to come.

For more info and to submit your questions, please visit the Q & A Submissions page.