Concert Features: Suggestions?

As I expand's content and think about improvements, I'd like to ask you, the readers, if there are any aspects of concert photography you'd like covered in show write-ups and other how-to/tips features.

For the show write-ups, the content breaks down into three primary categories:

  1. The concert experience/narrative
  2. The images
  3. The shooting notes (lighting, lenses, positioning, misc. technique)

Some of the write-ups have a more organic format that mixes the three (like the recent Avenged Sevenfold post), while others are more distinctly separate (like the post for HIM).

Do you have a preference between the two? Also, is there anything else you'd like covered that I'm not already hitting?

And beyond concert-specific coverage, do you have any suggestions for articles you'd like to see on how-to or concert photography in general?

Thanks, I look forward to any suggestions you might have.