The Best Part About Being a Music Photographer

Cobra Starship Fans

Last week I asked, “What's your favorite thing about being a music photographer?” Here are your answers.

@conormichael: I love music. I also love photography. It's so simple, but it's an amazing thing to combine two things I'm so passionate about.

@igorxa: I love it when they pose for the camera. It's like my own private show

@jadieeeee: Music and photography together in one sweaty, usually low-paying package! What's not to love!? It's the most amazing job!

@lhkwok: Just being able to preserve the memory and feel of that show, whether it was amazing or horrible

@jasonsheesley: The combination of two passions. Photography and ROCKING OUT!

@LizFromStLouis: Being able to capture the energy and excitement of the band and their crowd is the best part.

@BandPhotography: Getting close to the MUSIC.

@delineated: Knowing instinctively right after clicking that you nailed the “money shot”. No better feeling than that, really.

@liveon35mm: Having spent the night on Facebook chatting with a guy Imet at the Semi Precious Weapons gig and realizing it is your close friend! Small world.

@shotbykim: That flutter in your stomach everytime the lights go down and you are at the front of a large venue.

@libberding: The best part is seeing my photo+credit next to a great review in print and online!

@paigekparsons: The satisfaction of hearing from an artist's parents that you've captured that special something. I figure they ought to know!

@crickontour: The challenge of finding the key moment of show where everything (lights/band/singer) comes together to make an epic photo.

@sk8bette: The energy.

@dokool: Getting great shots of the fans in the mosh pit that the other photogs don't get because they're too busy snapping band photos.

@HazardGallery: Capturing images of new artists, with their excitement and energy on stage is fantastic!

@Studio7Bismarck: The best thing about concert photography has to be the adrenaline rush you get in the pit while shooting.

@andysquire: Thinking you got something special, having to wait til the end, and then finding out you have!

@shoottothrill: Watching a bands concert that, without being there for work, would never go and check out.

What's your favorite thing?

So, what's your favorite thing about being a music photographer? Feel free to comment below or @ reply to me on Twitter with your answer.