2008: A Year in Photo Passes

ishootshows.com: A Year in Photo Passes

Here's a snap of the photo passes I collected in 2008. From Radiohead to Metallica and Marilyn Manson to the Jonas Brothers, it was a wild and varied year of shows big and small.

The prize for the biggest pass goes to Metallica (the big black pass, lowe center). As one photog said, “They should have just given us t-shirts!” The runner up was the pass for Lil Wayne in August (lower left, with “staff” in caps), which was a large laminate card produced by the venue since it was a one-off show.

From a design point of view, I enjoyed the credentials from Erykah Badu, Radiohead, Project Revolution, and Sammy Hagar.

Do some of these passes look familiar to you? Let me know if you shot any of the same tours in 2008, I'd love to hear from you. You can see this image on Flickr with my notes here.

You can read about the rest of my 2008 here.