Rilo Kiley 2007.09.12: Confirmed

After some miscommunication with the their publicist, credentials for Rilo Kiley have come through. I'll be heading to Columbia this Wednesday for the band's performance at the Jesse Auditorium. Rilo Kiley is one band I've always wanted to photograph, so I'm looking forward to check them off my list.

Blake Sennet

The band is touring in support of the new album, Under the Blacklight, which was released on Warner Brothers Records August 20 of this year.

One of my first shows was photographing guitarist Blake Sennett's band, The Elected, in the dirty basement venue of the Gargoyle at Washington University in St. Louis. Needless to say, despite a persistent university connection, the Jesse Auditorium  should prove to be a much different experience.

While I'll miss the cozy feel of that small show, I'll try not to get nostalgic over the lack of exposed pipes hanging from the ceiling.