Promos: August Burns Red

Promos: August Burns Red, Solid State Records

Fresh from conquering Vans Warped Tour 2009, Chris and I met up with metalcore sluggers August Burns Red. Naturally, we did it up with wireless flash CLS style for a series of on-location band portraits. All the shooting notes after the jump.

Photographer's Notes:

The guys of August Burns Red were flat-out awesome to work with. Chris and I loved working with these guys – they were friendly, funny, and overall made this shoot a lot of fun to do.

For the above shot, a total of three remote speedlights were used. The key light here is a an SB-900 fired into a 15″ EZYbox softbox boomed over the band. Camera left, we shot an SB-900 into a 45″ reflective umbrella for fill, while another SB-900 was fired camera-right for accent.

The ambient light was fading quickly, and at ISO 200 and f/11, the background scene was quite gone at the max sync speed of the D3, 1/250. Lowering the shutter speed down to 1/80 let the ambient light fill in much more for the balance we wanted.

All of these remote speedlights were triggered via an SB-900 on-camera. A D3 and 24-70mm f/2.8 took care of the rest after all the lights were dialed in.

End Notes:

Shout out to all the guys in August Burns Red: Jake, JB, Matt, Brent, and Dustin. I'm declaring them the nicest guys in metal – but make no mistake, they're going to crush your skull in with the sweet, sweet metalcore. Just wait for the breakdowns.

Special thanks to Josh for helping set everything up, and to Ricardo for making the introduction.