Preview: The New Heathers

The New Heathers (Redbird Records)

Here's a preview from the promo shoot I had with the New Heathers, who are on tour now in support of their new EP – The Fuel, The Fire, The Spark.

I met up with the trio and we had a blast shooting in a great location. This is from the one exterior location we used – the rest in the set are from a really nice space, so stay tuned for those images soon.

We also shot a little video throughout the shoot, so I'll be cutting that and posting some behinds the scenes action, too.

Photographer's Notes:

We used all CLS for this shoot – all wireless flash. In this shot, there are four Nikon Speedlights at work – one SB-600 in an EZYbox softbox boomed over the group, one SB-600 into an umbrella for fill camera right, and two SB-600s as rimlights.

As always, working with Nikon's speedlights was a breeze and they worked flawlessly. While we had some Alien Bees monoblocks on hand, the quick setup and portability of the speedlights was hard to beat.