Preview: John 5, Rob Zombie @ The Halloween Hootenanny

Don't tell Rob Zombie, but he always plays second fiddle for me – When I shoot a Zombie show, my favorite subject is his guitarist, John 5.

Sure, Zombie has dreadwhips going for him, but there's something magnetic about John 5's more reserved intensity (I know, this is relative – how reserved can you be with face paint?). And of course, whenever a performer like John 5 takes the time to give a little eye contact, it's enough to make any music photographer's night.

Photographer's Notes:

Looking at the timestamps, John 5 held this pose for about one full second before moving on – so you've got one second to realize what's going on, lock AF, compose, and press that button before he's gone.

While we're giving a fist bump to J5, here's a couple of other shots from the last year:

End Notes:

The full set for Zombie is coming up, but if you want more John 5 and Rob now, check their set from Mayhem Fest 2010 here: