Preview: Fall Out Boy

Concert Photos: Fall Out Boy

You gotta love when performers leave their mics and set stage positions, come to the front, and just rock out. That's exactly what happened during the second song of Fall Out Boy's performance at the Pageant, when Patrick Stump and Joe Trohman ripped it up together for a few sweet moments during their (RED)Nights concert performance on a break from touring with Blink-182.

Overall, this show was very challenging and chaotic, but for me, it's a shot like this that makes it all worth it. Here, the guys are all lit with spotlights (with the exception of drummer Andy Hurley) – one on Pete Wentz in back while Stump and Trohman share one. Stump is also being lit with a warm uplight that's washing over his face.

As an aside, when I was editing through the set for Fall Out Boy, I zoomed in and, to my surprise, saw that Patrick Stump was rocking a silver Nooka Zub Zoo! Nooka makes some of my favorite watches, so it's always fun to see who else is wearing them.

More images coming from the full set, so stay tuned!