Pitchfork Music Festival 2007: Sunday

The Pitchfork 2007 festivities continued Sunday, with clear skies, persistent sun, and, of course, the noise. Highlights included Junior Boys, Jamie Lidell, Of Montreal, and De La Soul's energetic closer, with special guest Prince Paul.



Doning not one but two shiny dresses, Bradford Cox and Deerhunter crew opened up the third and final day of the festival.

Deerhunter @ Pitchfork 2007

The Ponys

Though plagued by sound problems that would persist into the Junior Boys set and the rest of the day, the Ponys persevered and put on a solid performance. Without the cloud cover of the previous day, the Aluminum stage was full of dynamic contrasts, all of which made photographing lead singer Jered Gummere problematic, while the rest of the band benefited from the bright open shade.

The Ponys @ Pitchfork 2007


It's shots like this that make me love the Nikon 70-200VR. The lens is perfect for capturing tight shots of singers rocking the mine, as Menomena's Brent Knopf does here.

Menomena @ Pitchfork 2007

Junior Boys

By the time Junior Boys set up for their set, the sun was just low enough in the sky to brighten up the stage with pockets of full sun. Lighting rigs at the top of the stage caught some of the sun made for a good deal of patchiness and plenty of hot spots during the set. Regardless of these minor misadventures in photography, the Boys brought the block rockin' beats for the Pitchfork masses.

Junior Boys @ Pitchfork 2007

The Sea and Cake

The Sea and Cake's drummer, John McEntire, rocking the mirrored aviator glasses, helped out photographers with a modest drum kit.

The Sea and Cake @ Pitchfork 2007

Jamie Lidell

A sure crowd-pleaser, Jamie Lidell entertained old fans and made new ones with his soulful stylings and mezmerizing use of looping effects. Splitting his time behind his wired deck of man-behind-the-curtain wizardry, complete with a Theremin, and the front of the stage, Lidell was definitely one of the more entertaining performers to photograph.

Jamie Lidell @ Pitchfork 2007

Stephen Malkmus

Performing solo with just a guitar, Pavement's Stephen Malkmus performed to a dedicated crowd gathered at the smaller Connector stage, receiving a nice dose of the sweet light throughout his set.

Stephen Malkmus @ Pitchfork 2007

Of Montreal

As the third performance I've seen of the band, Of Montreal continued their trend of escalating, over-the-top antics, complete with wardrobe changes and carnival theatrics. Ringleader Kevin Barnes was in top form, coy and flamboyant all at once.

Of Montreal @ Pitchfork 2007

Of Montreal @ Pitchfork 2007

The New Pornographers

While some were disappointed by the absence of Neko Case, fans seemed satisfied with the New Pornographers' set nevertheles. As with last year's performance by Spoon in the same time slot, the Pornos' set was bathed in a nasty orange glow, a small loss for the photography.

The New Pornographers @ Pitchfork 2007

The New Pornographers @ Pitchfork 2007

De La Soul

De La Soul closed down the party with a lively set, which included surprise guest Prince Paul. Though Union Park's weekend population was dwindling by the time the hip hop trio took the stage, they wasted little time in whipping the crowd into shape, even resorting to belligerence when there were simply not enough hands in the air.

De La Soul @ Pitchfork 2007

De La Soul @ Pitchfork 2007

De La Soul @ Pitchfork 2007

These are just a few of the images from each performance, but you can check out the entire set for Sunday here:

Pitchfork Music Festival 2007