Photos: Rob Zombie @ The Halloween Hootenanny Tour

Headlining the Halloween Hootenanny Tour stop at the Family Arena, Rob Zombie and crew ripped into their set with signature zeal and showmanship.

While I'd caught Rob Zombie on the Mayhem Fest tour earlier this year, I was just as excited to see what the band would bring this time around.

Photographer's Notes:

Even though Zombie has been using the same basic stage setup for the past couple years, the challenges are always just a little different. The height of the stage, the lights, and positioning have changed for the last three times I've shot Zombie, if only by a little. Still, enough to make it interesting and keep me coming back for me – not that Zombie's extremely challenging stage treatment needs any help in that regard.

I know a lot of photographers who have all but thrown up their hands when confronted by the fast action, color washes, and acute shooting angles for Rob Zombie.

Luckily, there's plenty to shoot with this band, including pyro, Piggy D, John 5, and Zombie himself. I have apologize to Piggy D, though, because I generally make the executive decision to shoot John 5 and Zombie as my primary targets. One of these days I'll make an image that does Piggy D's skills justice.

Cameras Used:

Lenses Used:

For this show, I used both the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 and Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 pretty evenly.

The thing about Zombie's stage setup is that there are three larger risers set up for Zombie, Piggy, and John 5. So add on another two feet or so to the ~4-5-foot stage, and these guys are pretty high for a photo pit. High enough that 24mm of the 24-70mm was just fine in terms of wide-angle coverage, so the midrange and the telephoto were a perfect pair.

Want more Zombie? Check out their set from Mayhem Fest 2010 here:

Do you have a Rob Zombie story? Do you hate his lighting? Love it? 

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