Nooka Zub Zirc

Recently, I had the chance to visit the Nooka Lab in NYC, birthplace of some of the coolest watches around. It was great meeting up with the team, and I picked up a brand spanking new Nooka Zub Zirc to add to the collection.

Nooka was the official watch sponsor for Warped Tour 2010; you might recall some of the recent photos from the punk rock summer camp with artists rocking Nooka, like Grant Harris from Breathe Electric:

The Nooka Zub Zirc

This watch is one of Nooka's Spring 2010 models, with the face of the Zirc in the slick polyurethane styling of the Zub series. As a music photographer, I went with the black model; I always prefer to go as low key as possible in the photo pit, so BK was the natural choice.

The face of the watch features several elements, with a circular hours readout and a linear minutes display. Seconds are noted in a two-digit digital display. You also have your AM/PM and alarm indicators as well.

The clasp on the band isn't your standard band buckle, but super fast pinch-mechanism. The latch is also spring-loaded, so it pops open; easy to adjust, easy to put on.

End Notes:

Shout out & big love to the fine folks at the Nooka – I think I have my new concert watch. Until I get Nooka's new Zub Zayu, anyway.

Now, to keep this music photography related, here are some artists artists sporting Nooka who you might recognize: