Nikon D7000 – High ISO Samples

 (Todd Owyoung)

As I tweeted earlier, the new Nikon D7000 is on-deck. A full review is coming, but first I thought I'd share a few high ISO samples from tonight's El Monstero show at the Pageant, for which I used the D7000 exclusively. A 100% crop after the jump. Before we get to that 100% crop, here are some more full frames from what may just be Nikon's best DX camera. Anyone want to guess what ISO I used for these?

 (Todd Owyoung)

 (Todd Owyoung)

Photographer's Notes:

Alright, let's take a look at that lead frame again:

 (Todd Owyoung)

And now the 100% crop:


  • ISO 3200 at 1/250 sec at f/2.8.

Cameras Used:

  • Nikon D7000

Lenses Used:

This crop was converted from the RAW file using Adobe Lightroom 3 using the Camera Standard profile. The native file was shot at ISO 3200 and converted with a setting of 25 for the chrominance noise and zero luminance noise. This latter point is important when looking at the lower midtone and shadow areas of this image.

I should also note that the white balance of this sample image was changed from the native “as shot” setting in Lightroom, so we should be looking at an extreme and aggravated case of noise if anything.

For me, the really interesting aspects of this image are the color fidelity and the detail we're seeing in the hair. I'll hold off on my own analysis, which I'll cover in my full review of this new camera – but what do you think?

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