Nikon D3: New Official Samples

Nikon USA has released a new set of official samples for the new flagship, the D3. In keeping with the general buzz that this camera is meant to compete with Canon's 1Dmk3, the new samples start off with two sports showing the camera's performance at high ISO.


Downloading and viewing the images, the quality of the files is flat out impressive, especially at ISO 3200 and 6400. I love how Nikon has included the sensitivity in the filenames, further emphasizing the point.

Looking at the first detail shot at ISO 3200, the detail retention, color fidelity, and lack of chroma noise is nothing short of amazing – and not just from Nikon, but any manufacturer.

The new samples are from sponsored Nikon photographers like Dave Black, Mike Corrado, and National Geographic photog Joe McNally.

If Nikon's samples page is too bogged down by the lase-beam of intently focused hits coming from, where the samples have been linked, Rob Galbraith's site has mirrored the images as well.

The first official samples were released by Nikon a few weeks ago and are available here.