Nikon D3 causes traffic jam


I like the Nikon D3 as much as anyone, but I wasn't quite expecting that high ISO samples from Nikon's flagship would produce the amount of traffic they did. After posting a set of samples from a pre-production D3, traffic to increased by a factor of 100.

Interest in samples from the D3 produced a surge of hits, focused very intently on a set of high ISO images shot at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. As the links were posted and re-posted on various forums, web traffic increased exponentially, which catapulted to the front page of most search results pertaining to the Nikon D3. While it was fun watching the parade of incoming referrers, all the activity produced some notice from the good folks at Lunarpages as well.

If the website has been a little slow this past week, it's because my web host moved the site to a temporary staging server. The reason? This website was accounting for roughly half of the resource usage, which only slightly deviates from the 1% alloted usage.

Likewise, my e-mail account on been in limbo in the move to the temporary server, so my apologies in responding to any comments. Things have finally calmed down a little, so the site will be moving back to its regular server.