Mid-Year Concert Report 2007

The Scissor SistersThe 2007 year got off nice start with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Janurary, followed by a slow string of acts including the Shins, the Scissor Sisters, and dance-punk favorites the Faint. Moving into Spring saw a little bump, with shows like the Decemberists, Norah Jones, and the one and only Morrissey.

Summer has been relatively slow for shows, with the Police reunion tour being one notable highlight before the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this coming weekend. In addition, the Deftones‘ concert with Japanese rockers Dir en grey proved to be a pleasant surprise. And, while poor for photography, the National's performance at the Duck Room was a treat.

On the horizon, a few recent annoucements indicate the end of summer will be a little more exciting, if only for the first week of August.

2007.08.01 Interpol
2007.08.04 Polyphonic Spree
2007.08.07 Peter Bjorn and John
2007.09.14 Bloc Party w/ Deerhoof
2007.10.20 Henry Rollins (spoken word)

With the midpoint of 2007 just recently passed, I'm looking to the rest of the year's shows, both those scheduled and those yet to be announced.