Le-Hiboo.com features the D3, my work


The French site lehiboo.com has posted a short article on the Nikon D3 featuring a small selection of my work. The piece discusses the high ISO performance of the camera and includes images from recent performances by the Dresden Dolls, the Walkmen, the Hush Sound, and Keller Williams.

Le-Hiboo features coverage of music and film, with a prime focus on concert coverage and photography. Rod, the article's author and Le-Hiboo's chief contributor, is a talented music photographer based in Paris, France.

The original article is available here, and also translated from the French here. For further reading on the topic, check out the article of my impressions of the D3's high ISO performance.

As an aside, Le-Hiboo also features a very nice custom WordPress theme with excellent integration of Flickr streams and sets. In particular, Le-Hiboo integrates the image viewer HighSlide under the platform Crossroads, and to very slick effect.