I’m headed to Lollapalooza


The one-day events of Warped Tour and the Rockstar Mayhem Fest were just stretching exercises.

I'm headed to Lollapalooza in Chicago for the weekend for three days of the photography. Are you also shooting this event or attending as a fan? If so, give me a shout.

The headlining act for this year's festival is Radiohead, who I'm excited to photograph again. Other performances high on my list are Golgol Bordello, The Raconteurs, Rage Against The Machine, Gnarls Barkley and Kanye West (sorry NIN, I'll photograph you August 20).

You can check out the full schedule of performances I'll be photographing here:

I'll also try to post up a few snaps at the end of each day. You know, if I'm not passed out from exhaustion and heat stroke. Wish me luck.