I Shoot Shows: As Seen On TV

As Seen On TV

Your friendly neighborhood concert photographer, hard at work.

I was recently interviewed for a quick TV segment that aired with a pre-concert special for Sheryl Crow's performance for the MLB All-Star game in St. Louis. The 30-minute TV special was hosted by Metromix.com and included interviews with Sheryl Crow and some other features relating to the All-Star game.

In total, my small part of the the TV piece was put together from three separate interviews – one in the studio, one on-location at Train concert (where I'm in the pit), and then another interview that was broadcast live before the Sheryl Crow concert (last part of the video).

In addition to the main segment, there was also a short teaser clip that aired before in the 30-minute special, so I've included that first in addition to the title graphic and intro for the All-Star concert special.

I think the station was most interested in the tie-in to the Dave Matthews Band album cover that was shot at the baseball stadium, so they focused on that during the interviews.