DPR publishes Nikon D3 preview

Phil Askey and the good folks at dpreview.com have published their hands-on preview of the Nikon D3. The report covers the specifications, which by now are practically holy writ to some, as well as a the body's design, handling, and user interface.

dpr d3 preview

One area of coverage that interested me was the AF coverage diagram, which shows the 51-point CAM3500 AF system that Nikon is using in the D3 and D300 alike. With the same AF sensor for both FX and DX formats, the D3's AF coverage is noticeably smaller than the same implementation in the D300, with a more narrow spread.

However, the coverage does seem slightly better than similar DSLR offerings with a FX-format sensor, like the Canon 5D and Canon 1Ds cameras.

Check out the full preview here: