Dear B&H Customer Service


Mistakes happen. Still, in a dozen orders from New York-based B&H Photo, my preferred retailer, I'd never had an error with an order. That is, until, I received my latest order last week.

Having recently purchased the Nikon D3, which is capable of using UDMA-enabled CF cards (making possible possible blisteringly fast read/write times), I decided to order four 4GB Sandisk Extreme IV cards from B&H, along with a few other little things.

Opening up the box that was delivered last Thursday, I saw that only two of the cards were included. I suppose it was ann easy enough mistake; after all, I ordered pairs of everything else (two rubber eyecups for the D3, two-52mm metal hoods, etc).

Here's a rough transcript of my call to them this morning.

B&H: Hi, this is Zach, may I have your order number?

Me: Sure, it's 123456789.

B&H: How can I help you?

Me: I just received my order and the package only included two of the Sandisk Extreme 4GB CF cards instead of the four I ordered.


B&H: OK, we'll ship those to you. You'll receive an email with a tracking number.

Me: Thanks so much.


Dear B&H, I love you.

You may have a sweet megastore in Manhattan that's the scene of so many salacious photo-fantasies, but it's your excellent customer service that has me regularly parting with my hard-earned dough over the internets.