Concert Photographers: Post your website

Consider this an opportunity for free advertising.

Music photographers: I want to see your website. I want you to post a link to your work. Portfolios, blogs, Myspaces, Flickrs – whatever you've got.

Just a link will do.

The goal? To create a growing and diverse list of concert photographers.

Personally, I love seeing new work, and this index is not only a means for me to find fresh music photographers, but it's a way for others to check out your work, too.

Don't be shy; even if you post here regularly and I've seen your site before, it might be new to others. So link it up.

Here's what to do:

  1. Please just leave a comment with a link to your work below.
  2. And after you've posted your link, I'd like to invite you to browse through the sites your fellow concert photographers have posted!
  3. Tell your friends, blog about this, share it via social bookmarking. The more people who post up their website, the better this will work!