Brand New = White Hot Pain

brand_new_photopass.jpg Just back from the Pageant, where Brand New performed with support from Thrice and MewithoutYou. It was all feast or famine at this show, with heavy use of strobes and blinding backlighting punctuating relative darkness during Brand New's set. MewithoutYou, performing first, had a dull red wash for most of the first three, with a few shifts to a blue wash.

Thrice, up next, didn't allow any photography during their hour-long set, which is just as well, because it was like watching a bug zapper on a summer night: a few flashes every now and then, but otherwise pretty dark.

Images coming up soon, but to anyone who is going to be photographing this tour, just know that you're in for a world of pain, particularly of the white-hot strobe variety.