Back from Warped Tour ’08

Gym Class Heroes beat down: The Evidence

I'm back from Warped Tour, which was a blast. Aside from photographing some two-dozen bands at the St. Louis stop of the festival, I also picked up a little souvenir, courtesy of Gym Class Heroes.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Perez Hilton, and Warped Tour's Buzznet site, Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy was involved in an incident where he quite literally broke a mic over someone's head, which you can read all about in the aforementioned links. McCoy was later arrested after the performance and released on bail this morning.

The above image is a snap of the mic grill that flew off during the assault. Police evidence, or fun festival souvenir?

In other news, Warped Tour was an interesting festival shoot, as I spent just about as much back stage shooting portraits as I did doing live coverage.

As always, I'll be back posting images and a write-up from the event shortly.