Apple: I need two pair

newmacpro.jpgThe new Mac Pro and dual 23″ Apple Cinema Displays are setup and have wasted no time completely dominating the entirety of my desk space.

I use a similar setup at the office, so the processor speed is nothing new, and I have yet to install the really power-hungry apps. The biggest difference between my new home setup and the one at the office is, besides the dual displays, the RAM. At 9GB installed, the new system is a three-fold increase over the system I'm used to using at the office, which handles most everything with ease.

Picture 2.png

Thanks to the nicely designed case, installing the RAM was a snap, literally, with easily accessible boards that popped in and out. The additional internal harddrives were easily installed into the sliding bays as well.

For general use, the new machine is blazingly fast and easily smokes my old G4, even on simple tasks. Tonight I'm going to install Nikon Capture NX and see how the new setup handles 12mp RAW files. Updates coming soon.